Our goal is to provide a safe environment for people to share their experiences in the great outdoors. We strive to provide accurate, family friendly content that can educate, challenge, and inspire. GeoParks allows people to share their geo-located images and comments about interesting places. The content covered by this policy includes contributed images and any written comments that are provided. GeoParks is a family friendly app which should be suitable for use by children, so guidelines for content are provided with this understanding.

General Media Guidelines:

  • Adult content, nudity, or sexually suggestive content is not permitted.
  • Threats, violence, bullying, and harassment are not permitted.
  • Discriminative, xenophobic or racist content is not permitted.

Violation of these guidelines may result in removal of the offending content, termination of your account, or a notification to law enforcement. If your account is terminated for violating our Terms of Service or these Guidelines, you may not use GeoParks again.

Image Media Guidelines

GeoParks allows you to upload and share images from your Photos Library. The intention is for you to share images from the place or trail that you are contributing to. If your images are geolocated (best case), GeoParks will try to help you pick images that are from this place by highlighting them for you.

Some image uploading guidelines:

  • Don’t intentionally load images that not from the right place. The goal is to have an accurate image database and it doesn’t help anyone to have a picture of the Eiffel Tower attached to an Arches trail.
  • Try to avoid close-ups of people. Some places are so popular that it’s difficult to get shots that feature the place and not the people all over the place, but do your best. This database is about the beauty of the place. It’s best to visit at off-peak times anyway if you are able.
  • Your iPhone will automatically add location to your images if you enable it in your camera settings. Images with location will almost always be preferred over images without location.
  • Images of local geology, flora & fauna can be of great interest and use to the scientific community. These images MUST be geolocated.

GeoParks has a curated database. This means that we will occasionally re-order and/or remove images attempting to keep the best collection.

Comment Guidelines

GeoParks allows you to share comments about a place that you’ve been. The idea is to help others that might be planning to go there. These comments are your thoughts about the place or trail.

Some image uploading guidelines:

  • It’s helpful to provide context. If it’s been three years since you hiked this trail, that’s OK, but say so. Things might have changed for the better or worse since then.
  • Try not to comment on other people’s comments. Comments that read like a chat line might be deleted as inappropriate.